Monday, April 2, 2012

Lymphoedema Bandaging: Try Coban 2 Layer system

Just completed a workshop for 3M's 2-Layer system, originally intended for wound ulcer, to trial use for Lymphoedema.  Different from conventional Multilayer bandaging (Comprilan). To watch video click here


  1. I have been bandaged with Coban 2 many times, and Profore. I think it might be good if used correctly and in addition to MLD. Unfortunately that was not the case at the hospital I used to go to. I was bandaged for six weeks continuiosly, with new bandages two times a week. No breaks, not MLD, not a good combo. Coban has a foul smell and I felt even more akward than with Comprilan. Still, if my current therapist shold want to try it I'm up for it as I know I am in good hands with her and at the hospital my leg did go quite good before it went bad. There have been reports about intolerance of the material, causing rash etc. I far as I understand Coban has still to prove it contains only safe ingredients.

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