Sunday, May 1, 2011

QLD Lymphoedema and Breast Oncology Physiotherapy

Repeat post. Expression of Interest for a 2-3 day course (Brisbane Aug 2011) to develop knowledge and practical skills to facilitate evidence-based care in area of Oncology.  Proposed by the Queensland Lymphoedema and Breast Oncology Physiotherapy.
Presenters are Dr Robyn Box, Ms Hildegard Reul-Hirche and Dr Liisa Laakso.  The details of the proposed course can be downloaded here. Email by 17 Dec if you are interested.


  1. When you are detected with cancer of the breast go to a specialist ad take opinion from a specialist.There are oncologists specializing in breasts and also surgeons concentrating on the purpose of mastectomy and reconstructing of the breasts.

  2. They maybe known as Oncoplastic surgeons specialising in Breasts



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