Friday, July 2, 2010

Lymphoedema Therapist June 2010 meeting

June 14 meeting Summary
1/ M. Pillar on setting up the lymphoedema service in Bunbury.
One workshop has already been run, another is planned in a couple of months.  Clinical pathways have also been written to guide the therapists in appropriate treatment aims, when to refer to a specialist clinic and these are based on the Consensus of Best Practice document.
2/ Discussion about the May ALA conference and a current ECU Vario Health research.
3/ C. Hunt brought in a bra that she ordered from the internet. May be helpful for breast cancer patients.  The bra is available from

Future meetings. Please note the dates:
Aug 2 Lorraine McMillan from Femme de Femme.  Bras.
Oct 4  Prue Cormie Her ECU research and recruitment; Objective outcome measures discussion; L.Khong on how to use Lymphoedema blog

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