Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cancer Newsletter Dec 2009

Cancer Newsletter Dec 2009In this edition...
* Under local matters we highlight issues surrounding multidisciplinary care (MDC) in the management of cancer. On Page 3 all the major MDC teams for the common malignancies operating in WA public teaching hospitals are detailed
* In our centre pages with permission from Andrology Australia we present an article preapared by Professor RA 'Frank' Gardiner
* Still on the issue of screening and early detection, Cancer Cancer Council Australia and WACOG have released a summary card on evidence for and against screening for 8 common malignancies. The card has been reproduced in full on the back pages of the newsletter so that it may be cut-out for future reference.
* In consumer matters the outgoing chair of Cancer Voices WA, Clive Deverall presents an historical piece on his views as a long standing cancer activist for almost 4 decades.
* In the website section a review appears of the UK NHS Evidence - Cancer, that is a comprehensive evidence-based resource supporting health professionals to find the high-quality cancer information they need to keep up-to-date.
* The newsletter also includes several items in regular sections such national, international and treatment matters and cancer in the news.

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